REAL GUYS: Max Henry (Formerly Brendan From Sean Cody) Pics/Vids

10/19/2013 5 Comments HOMO, PORN

So “Max Henry” (Nate McCoy) was going to be a legit Real Guys update but after talking with him he requested that we not post his real name and said he’d do an interview with us if we listed him under his Flirt4Free persona…so here is Max Henry.

We have a huge amount of photos of him collected over the years, from various sources, mostly from Max himself. We know a lot about Max but don’t want to give anything away yet–we’d rather save it for his interview. One thing we will say is that his brief career with Sean Cody opened him up to something he admits he surprisingly grew to enjoy: bottoming.

Max says that info in his Sean Cody “Brendan” bio was absolutely correct: he had never bottomed before working with them and once he did he realized he loved it. Although it’s been years since his porn days, he still considers himself a “straight bottom.” (We’ll have to get him to elaborate on that, dontcha think?)

Anyway, in the meantime, here’s Max (aka Brendan). Like we said, there’s a lot of photos, but he’s quite pleasing to the eye. (That ass! THAT ASS!!!) He also obviously loves photographing himself. That’s okay though because we like looking!





Max as Brendan in his scenes from Sean Cody:

brendanthumb brendanpetethumb brendannatethumb

brendantrevorthumb brendandennisthumb brendanalanthumb 23

Caps from Skype sessions:

ss01 ss02 ss03 ss04
ss05 ss06 ss07 ss08

ss09 ss10 ss11 ss12

ss13 ss14 ss15 ss16

ss17 ss18 ss19 ss20

ss21 ss22 ss23 ss24

ss25 ss26 ss27 ss28

ss29 ss30 ss31 ss32

ss33 ss34 ss35 ss36

ss37 ss38 ss39 ss40

ss41 ss42 ss43 ss44

ss45 ss46 ss47 ss48

ss49 ss50 ss51 ss52

ss53 ss54 ss55 ss56

ss57 ss58 ss59 ss60

ss61 ss62 ss63 ss64

ss65 ss66 ss67 ss68

ss69 ss70 ss71 ss72


  • Guest

    Wowwwwww I loved this guys videos so much at SC that I set up a google alert for “sean cody brendan” and forgot all about it b/c it had been so long since anything showed up….and NOW THIS!!!! This is a goldmine I can’t wait until the interview! Brendan has gotten SO BIG! WOW!!!

  • LoyalBoy

    When’s this stud’s interview????????


      Soon! Very soon! We just posted one with Cody/Joe from SC, so we want to give it a little time. Also looking for more guys who are ready/willing/able to do an interview :)

      • 1234

        He was always my favorite straight bottom. I hope you’ve been able to find more SC alums who are willing to do interviews (have been waiting). I also have a feeling that a lot of the new guys aren’t returning for fear of too much exposure and maybe barebacking. Any thoughts?

  • wudd_up

    got selfies?